The Band

Zvi Rodan

//Vocals, Drums and the Songs


Working professionally as a drummer from his early teens, Zvi has spent the last few years writing the soulful opuses for this band to perform for your enjoyment. As the composer and the leader, he commands the band from behind his drum set with a great deal of soul and appreciation.

Eviatar Kirsh



A Groovy bass player, plays with top acts around Israel while studying in the Jerusalem Academy of Music. Eviatar

is the latest addition to the band, joining in 2016

Moti Rodan

// Guitar


The professor who brings a definite jazzy scent to the band’s grooves, Moti’s natural guitar sound is the glue that makes the Rodanz groove stick together.

Jacob Gorensteyn



A leading horn player in the Israeli scene, Jacob is primarily known for being a part of the international brass band Marsh Dondorma. A Rodanz member from the go, Jacob is responsible for the horn arrangements in the band and elevates the music with his outstanding playing.

Arnon Ziv

// Keyboards


Classically-trained, Jazz-proficient mastermind of funky licks, Arnon produces and plays with various acts in Israel, including the top Israeli rock band “Yehudim”. His production and arranging skills are indispensable in shaping the band’s sound, and come in very handy indeed!

Avior Rokah

// Trumpet


A masterful horn blower with a sprinkling of space-age sound effects, Avior adds a palate of color to the band’s earthy base.

Rodanz is a R&B/soul/rock collective led by drummer, singer and songwriter Zvi Rodan. The lineup is completed by Arnon Ziv on keys, Adi Gigi on bass, Moti Rodan on guitar and Jacob Gorensteyn and Avior Rokah on sax and trumpet respectively. The band has been honing its sound and live shows, they are set to bring their rich groove-laden sound to a global audience in 2016.


The foundation for Rodanz was set in 2013 when Zvi began performing in his hometown of Jerusalem prompting several improvised jam sessions in some of the city’s leading bars and clubs. Following an invitation to perform at a showcase at the legendary Yellow Submarine venue Zvi recruited his childhood friend Arnon and his brother Moti to join him. The lineup was cemented by duo Jacob and Avior whose rich brass sound added a strong Middle Eastern funk element to the compositions.


The 6-piece have never looked back performing all over the country and steadily building a loyal fanbase wherever they visited . Throughout Jerusalem remains at the heart and soul of the collective; just like their hometown Rodanz’s music is  a melting pot of tradition, innovation, spirituality and rapture.

Rodanz will officially release the debut video/single “Dov Orev” on July 28th. The track, which features verses in English mixed with biblical Hebrew interludes, is an off the cuff release from the soulful 6-piece in anticipation of a busy schedule ahead. With an EP release planned for August the band are set to bring their show to European audiences in the coming months.